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• Website design and consultation
• Latest 'ONE PAGE' design concepts
• Designs are customized to avoid the many pitfalls of cookie cutter or poor web design
• It is vital to make your website easy to navigate yet keep people interested enough to keep browsing - this is the essence of a SUCCESSFUL website
• SEO - get found online

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It's all about Mobile

Every month MILLIONS of new smartphones and tablets are activated. These devices are giving constant internet access to more people than ever before. The tablet is set to replace the PC for much browsing and shopping

With this huge demand for a great mobile experience it’s essential that new businesses and established brands keep up with this fundamental change in the way the web is now accessed

mobile phone

One of the toughest questions in making a mobile strategy is whether you’re going to have a website and a mobile WEB APP or make one website which is responsive to all modern devices

WEB APPs operate like touch-friendly websites and are accessible on most platforms with modern mobile browsers. This is a good solution to complement an existing website

NATIVE APPs let you access unique hardware features, like cameras, motion sensors, and advanced graphics capabilities, BUT you would need to build one application for each of the 3 main platforms and again for tablets, an expensive solution.
Most businesses do NOT need this degree of control

This mobile WEB APP complements the desktop website by offering a version optimized for iPhone and Android. Medical professionals have reference information at their fingertips while on the move

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Creative Web Design

From larger corporate sites to small entry level sites.
Your website is unique and to maximise impact needs indiviual design solutions and features

Scroll through these samples illustrating a wide range of designs

  • Responsive design for all devices

    Works on any screen size and features optimized images for iPhone right up to high resolution desktops.

    Navigation always visible for great user experience.

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    Scan with your mobile

    Designed to load fast even on 3G.
    All the data of the desktop website presented clearly on mobile. Easy to use menu system offers a simple and effective user interface

  • Non-Scroll design

    Eliminates scrolling for ease of use and fast browsing on computers and tablets.

    This comprehensive Medical Devices website's features include animation, tabbed browsing and search facility

  • Client Testimonial...

    "I just want to thank you for your outstanding work on the website design fine tuning, the mobile version and in particular on the search engine optimization...

    ...I am looking forward to expanding our long lasting and fruitful relationship into next year and many years to come"

  • Executive Vineyard Club

    Animated intro with slideshow

Enhance your Website

Move your website to the next level by introducing customized upgrades to enhance your product or service

Browse these add-on features

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  • Slideshow

    Add a slideshow for all those images complete with thumbnails and captions

  • Custom Graphics

    Top quality concepts and graphics for website features

  • Light Table image viewer

    Click on an image to see it zoom up for viewing. Background dims making the image really "pop"

  • Data Slider

    Click the « buttons » to see data or images slide into view

  • Store Finder

    Enter a Zip or City to find a store near you. Combines the power of Google Maps with a database of your stores

  • Video directly on your web pages

    Videos embedded on your website complete with optional written transcription

  • Tabbed browsing

    Super fast browsing presents your data in convenient format using tabs. No need to reload the page

  • Data Concertina

    Neat and compact way to present bulk data and keep it simple

  • eCommerce

    Shopping Cart with all the features. Integrate with your Payment Gateway and Merchant Bank


• Search engine optimization, 'SEO', when well executed, is the most effective way to increase targeted traffic to your website

A combination of both onsite and offsite 'SEO' techniques can help you rise to the top of organic search engine rankings, naturally drawing visitors to your site

• 'SEO' can be a vitally important aspect of your website - too often it is neglected, this can be bad for business

• Not every web presence requires 'SEO', an example would be a site used primarily as a portfolio


When organic 'SEO' cannot give the results you need AdWords can be a great alternative

Sometimes the keywords you need are so popular that organic search can only get you to page 2 or 3

No matter what your budget, you can reach new customers and grow your business using Google’s online advertising program

With AdWords, you are able to choose where your ad appears, set a budget that’s comfortable for you (there’s no minimum spending commitment), and easily measure the impact of your ads

Reach people exactly when they're searching the Internet for what you offer. Your ads can appear on Google and its partner websites

With cost-per-click bidding, you're charged only when someone clicks your ad


All your imaging needs expertly taken care of
• Studio product photography
• Location shoots
• Corporate portraits

With the expertise of a highly successful advertising photographer acknowledged on numerous occasions with a host of prestigious awards and commendations, top class photography is available to you right now.

Now that skill is used to bring websites to life with top quality images

Scroll some examples here...


Video is fast becoming "the way to go" for many marketing purposes

Video can now be accessible on any device - people like video, so do not miss out on a great way to reach them

Interactive or video content keeps visitors involved in the story you have to tell

Video services for online use
• Video explainers
• Video resumes
• Video titles
• Video intros
• Video editing